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About Move As One

Move As One provides wholistic consulting services that empower leaders and teams to clarify direction and meet their highest goals. Often called a "transformation agent", Move As One founder Julie Delene aligns leaders and teams from the inside out using the 5 Mindful Moves©.

5 Mindful Moves© is a proven, powerful approach to strengthening, energizing and focusing business leaders and teams. 5 Mindful Moves© aligns your team's vision and performance by building presence, passion, purpose and most importantly, partnership.

All Wise Moves™ game guides players through the 5 Mindful Moves© to set intentions into motion. It is a fun way to explore questions and gain insights. Play with others to facilitate a healthy conversation. Please view the 2-minute video.

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Speaking & Training

Inspire your organization with motivational presentations and training customized for your needs. Our leadership and team training programs are designed to renew organizations from the inside out.
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Leaders & Entrepreneurs

Energize and empower leaders with our executive coaching or entrepreneur success program. We work closely with leaders to help strengthen their effectiveness and achieve goals.
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Teams & Organizations

Unleash the extraordinary creative and productive power of your team by engaging in a multi-faceted, co-creative process that captures their collective wisdom and moves them to success.
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Upcoming Events

Rising to Meet What's Next - April 15,1:00 - 4:00pm, By The River.

Responsive Leadership in 5 Mindful Moves - April 20 lunch, General Mills.

High Performing Teams in 5 Mindful Moves - June 28, 9:00am - noon, Minnesota Council of Nonprofits.

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