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World Cafe/Art of Hosting Facilitation

world-cafeStimulate your organization with conversations that matter.

World Café and Art of Hosting are facilitation methods that engage groups in spirited conversations that matter. Participants are moved to scale up from the personal to the systemic to address challenges and questions in real-life situations. Through dialogue and interaction, the group moves to a co-creative atmosphere and innovative solutions.

Great for both large and small groups, these methods are flexible and can be used for many different purposes—information sharing, relationship building, deep reflection exploration and action planning.

Collecting the wisdom of a group involves the following assumptions:

  • The knowledge and wisdom we need is present and accessible
  • Collective insight evolves from honoring unique contributions; connecting ideas; listening into the middle; noticing deeper themes
    and questions
  • The intelligence emerges as the system connects to itself in diverse and creative ways

The World Café is a provocative metaphor…as we create our lives, our organizations, and our communities, we are, in effect, moving among “table conversations” at the World Café. (From The World Café Resource Guide)

For more information, visit The World Café website.

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