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High Performing Team Facilitation

teamwork-hands-smBring your team together to achieve a unified vision and passion for progress!

We help teams and organizations achieve their goals by providing high performing team facilitation. We customize and design solutions using the Move As One™ system.
This co-creative approach can be adapted to a variety of situations and objectives, including:

  • Strategic visioning and planning
  • Team accountability and execution
  • Team building
  • Board and staff retreats

Move As One™ is based on the principle that the key to moving an organization forward is to establish a clear, unified vision based on the values and passions of all the individuals, teams, systems, and alliances involved. We reach alignment with persons and teams from the inside out.
The results of this systematic and magnetic approach are:

  • Teams develop a clear consensus on vital issues
  • They create and commit to a plan for success
  • They pull together based on mutual support and acclaim
  • They provide visible leadership on all specific projects
  • They Move As One!


Move As One™ teams are energized, mutually aligned, goal-directed, internally accountable, self-motivated and highly effective.

We work from the inside out beginning with individual leadership, progressing to team productivity, then addressing organizational effectiveness and finally, customer partnership.


In order to develop and grow, teams are created, and scheduling is established:

  • Bronze Team meets quarterly
  • Silver Team meets bi-monthly
  • Gold Team meets monthly

“An organization is a group of people who over time enhance their capacity to create what they truly desire to create.” —Peter Senge

Learn more about the Move As One™ Strategic Facilitation Process.

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