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Entrepreneur Success Program

shoreline_waveCombine strategy, execution and movement to create your best year yet.

This unique program helps entrepreneurs create a balanced and successful business. Learn how to find equilibrium in a world with new rules, new pressures and a new normal. This program provides a framework for creating and sustaining an inspired work life combined with a pragmatic focus on business and financial goals.

  • Achieve relevant results that are measurable and pragmatic
  • Create the attitudes, actions and ease of application that ensure success

Customized for your business, we meet monthly throughout the year to design and implement your strategic execution plan, and practice new methods for leadership to ensure growth and sustainability. At the end of the year, you will not only have implemented your strategies and tactics, you will have learned how to use a powerful co-creative process to move forward in your work in an inspired, energized and balanced manner.


Develop a Balanced Business:

Assess business, financial and social impact and build a balanced business. Using a unique system, you can identify imbalances and areas of concern that distort and block movement.


Clarify your Direction:

A good execution plan can help your business prosper. By developing your Best Year Yet™ plan you can reach previously un-attainable levels of performance. This step-by-step method is designed to reach the core of how you think and perform. It guides you to develop your strategic execution plan and sets your year into action.


Engage your Plan and Grow:

Become a master at producing results. Using PRO, the Best Year Yet™ online tracking system helps to keep you on track throughout the year. Combined with monthly coaching and review sessions, we monitor progress, set short-term goals and keep you focused on producing the results you envisioned.


Improve Workspace:

Make changes to your workplace environment to restore and enhance vital energy flow. Using Feng Shui principles, you can improve your environment to establish new habits of success and help your relationships flourish.

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