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Fourth of 5 Mindful Moves and GAME NIGHT

Fourth of 5 Mindful Moves

#4 Engage co-creation – take action and connect with others.

Inspired actions are stimulated after clarifying your Vision (the 3rd mindful move). This 4th mindful move offers peak power, more expansion and synergy with others. It brings light, joy, action and connection.

• Identify and take a next step that will move you toward your vision.
• Connect with others who share your vision and find ways to collaborate.
• Strengthen your energy by engaging your whole body – breathe deep and move mindfully.

This 4th move is where the rubber hits the road, as they say. Taking inspired actions help you realize the change you wish to see in this world. Sometimes we only have clarity on the next dot, but take it because it will lead you to the next inspired action.

For more synergy and a quicker fulfillment, join with others. You can hire help or collaborate with other like-minded colleagues who share your vision.

Joining with others has been a longtime exploration and a passion for me. Partnering in traditional ways has not worked well for me and I have often found myself feeling stuck. However, when I began to ballroom dance, I found a whole lot of clarity about the “art of connection” and co-creation. In fact, I have found co-creative teams in the sense of a “dance” to be quite effective in furthering a vision.

With that in mind, I’m excited to offer GAME NIGHT in collaboration with James Robinson, Dennis Curley and Ann Blackburn. Many of you know that I’m developing the LIFE MOVES game. Jim and Dennis are expert game players and Ann is the perfect host to welcome us all. Our synergy will be nothing short of moving J. Please read below for more information or click here.

Getting back to this 4th mindful move…
For best results in joining with others, identify some partner agreements. Use ballroom dance as a model for successful partnering with the following guidance:
1) identify a common vision and desired outcome
2) clarify roles and a structure that hosts and supports dynamic communication
3) engage equally to the success of the whole and help keep each other on track

As you begin working together, look for cooperation on both sides for an engaged and dynamic interchange. I’ve become quite quick in noticing when the partnership has completed or doesn’t feel equal, engaged or dynamic. Don’t be afraid to let it go, so the next way of co-creating can come alive. Completion can mean your vision has been met and/or new visions have been spurred that require new partnering.

Wishing you an engaged and beautiful dance.
Blessings, Julie

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