Wise Women Circle

Julie Delene (founder of Move As One) created a wholistic, ecoCreative system that ignites all elements of your power. Julie will facilitate these playful conversations to master-mind solutions together. She will guide you to reveal what is most important and inspire your unique way forward.



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Join this series of three conversations to renew your passion and purpose and light your way forward. Together with other wise women, we will master-mind transitions to:

  • stay inspired in uncertain times,
  • align with your unique path forward, and
  • expand your possibilities with fun.

In the comfort of your own home, we play online using Your Wise Moves™, a Move As One game approach. The game engages your wisdom through good questions, mindful movements, and dynamic dialogue. This fresh opportunity brings wisdom to all the players.

Hope you can join us!    (Circles are small, between 2-6 wise women)

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