Dance of Connection

Refresh your life and relationships in 4 lessons. Play with partner dance while tapping into the forces of nature to unearth what is most important.

Julie Delene (founder of Move As One) will guide you to playfully clarify your unique way forward using a whole-system approach. Learn to ignite all elements of your power and mobilize your greater potential.



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Unleash your creative energy and wake up greater potential using partner dance and a fun, fresh game approach, Your Wise Moves. Enhance your life and relationships using good questions, dynamic moving conversations, and 5 Mindful Moves™. 

“Imagine getting past your fear and being reminded how to be in possibility. That’s what playing Julie’s transformational game did for me. Your Wise Moves reminded me of my purpose, and enabled me to clearly see the direction I need to go in now to continue to live that purpose authentically.” ⎯ Ivy Kaminsky, founder of Find Your Power

This program includes 4 lessons for 1-2 people. Register above or email for more information.

“Over the last two decades, I have tested this approach with a countless number of clients who have experienced positive results. Often I am called a “transformation agent” as I’m drawn into stuck situations and help them move. I am passionate about helping people awaken greater potential.”       ⎯ Julie Delene

Julie has taught numerous couples and groups how partner dance increases their personal fulfillment. She is a professional ballroom dance teacher and whole-system consultant. Julie empowers people to co-create from the inside out and reach their highest visions. She will invite you to move as one with your natural rhythm and move forward together with a flourishing future.

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