Change Agent Level 1

Expand your facilitation skills by transforming yourself with this repeatable, customizable, and fun approach that guides purpose and passion forward. It will improve your leadership, coaching and/or parenting confidence.


Number of Sessions


Length of Session

1.5 Hrs


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Change Agent Training Level 1. Includes five online 1.5 hour meetings and training material to be a change agent.

This program provides you with proven, powerful transformation tools to strengthen, energize and focus yourself and others. Renew and draw out your unique gifts to meet with uncertain times and wake up greater potential within yourself and others. Learn how to clear the way forward for the change you/we wish to see in this world.

In Level 1, you will understand the basic principles of the energy, action and awareness needed to balance your inner ecosystem and activate dynamic movement, using 5 Mindful Moves and Your Wise Move™ game.

Engage this new way to play and inspire more joy. Learn to incorporate mindful moves to enhance your connection, remove blocks, refocus your purposeful vision, and engage tools for engagement.

In these online conversations, you will learn to:

  • balance your ecosystem
  • connect your head, heart, hands and hips using five mindful movements
  • align with nature’s elemental energy for natural rhythm
  • apply to your life and work for an authentic engagement
  • activate your transformation

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